Strawberry Ricotta Pancakes

Strawberry Ricotta Pancakes

makes 6-8 pancakes

cup pancake mix
cup ricotta cheese
zest of 1/3 a lemon
3/4 cup milk 
large eggs, separated
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
butter, for cooking
1-2 cups sliced strawberries 

    Combine the baking mix, ricotta, lemon zest, milk, egg yolks, and vanilla in a  large bowl. 

    Place the egg whites in another large bowl or in a stand mixer. Beat egg whites  until stiff (this can be done by hand, with a handheld mixer or in a stand mixer). Stir a small scoop of the egg whites into the pancake batter to lighten the batter, then fold in the remaining whites with a spatula.

    Heat a griddle over medium-high heat. Melt a small bit of butter on the griddle, just enough to coat the surface. Use a 1/3-cup measure to pour batter onto the hot griddle. Cook the pancakes for about 3 or 4 minutes, until the undersides are golden and you see a few bubbles popping through the pancakes. Arrange your strawberries slices on top. Flip the pancakes and cook another 3-4 minutes. 

    Serve with warm maple syrup.