We're here for real food and a good time.

These are the Days believes food in its purest and time tested forms is the most delicious and nourishing.

Moments of connection through food are our favorite and we celebrate the simple things in life that bring joy – like pancakes!

For our pancake mix, we've sourced two heirloom grains - spelt & sonora, and three super seeds - chia, flax & hemp. These freshly stone milled grains make the most delicious, buttery, fluffy, pancakes and the seeds add a nutty and rich, yet light, satisfying flavor.  

Rooted in ancient tradition. Crafted for a modern life.

Our Sonora wheat is milled in Los Angeles using a traditional stone mill – a method that has been in practice since the 3rd century B.C. 

This method crushes the grains between two stones but, unlike commercial mills, keeps all of the parts of the grain intact and retains all of the nutrients and flavor inherent in the grain.