The story of how our pancake mix came to be

The story of how our pancake mix came to be

We at These are the Days celebrate pancakes ALL the time, however, today, National Pancake Day, is a special day for the delicious, fluffy, rounded treats that have been making humans happy since prehistoric days. Did you know researchers have found indications of pancake making by stone age cooks from over 30,000 years ago?

Fast forward A LOT of years, this is how our pancake mix came to be…

During Thanksgiving dinner a couple of years ago, we went around the table and shared what we were thankful for -- the adults mostly mentioned health, family, abundance, etc. Most of the kids mentioned friends, family, and their pets. Then there was little Jude. Just 3 years old at the time, proudly shared with a huge smile on his face, "I am grateful for pancakes and laffles."

As a mom, Jude’s love for pancakes and waffles inspired me to create ones that not only taste amazing but also “do something”. Most pancakes I ate left me feeling like I had dessert, not a meal, and an hour later I found myself ready to eat again. I wanted a pancake that not only had the satisfaction of a balanced meal but also had some nutritional value. The flavor had to be just right, but most importantly, it had to pass Jude’s taste test. 

The journey began and I set out to create the most delicious and nourishing pancakes with the purest all-natural ingredients: A pancake that was “worth it”. After some research and consideration, I settled on a blend of carefully curated, ancient grains and seeds. Each ingredient was specifically chosen with a dual purpose: flavor and nutrition. Fresh, locally milled Sonora wheat for its buttery sweetness and delicate texture, Spelt for its robust earthiness and nuttiness. Texture was also important and so I added oats for an earthy, full body and almonds for a touch of creaminess. Chia, flax, and hemp not only provide plenty of healthy Omega 3s but also have a great amount of fiber and protein to help balance the carb load while creating a solid meal. Last but not least, no added sugar! All you need is some really good syrup :)

Making and sharing food is our passion, and teaching children about the value and pleasure of good food is very important to us. From our kitchen to yours, we're happy to be able to share our nutrient rich pancake mix made with lots of love and wholesome ingredients.