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Amber is a fossilized conifer’s resin. It often contains fossils of plants, insects and other particles which retain their physical characteristics. Amber is available in different colors depending on the deposit where it comes from it can whether be yellow, brown, black, blue, green or dark gray.

There are many sources of amber in the world, particularly in Europe (Sicily and Hungary), in the Dominican Republic but the most important one is in the Baltic Sea, and it’s this one that we use. All our products are 100% Certified Baltic Amber. 

Amber has been used since the 6th century BC. in the manufacture of ornamental objects such as beads.

Healing Hazel commits to supply superior-quality, security and aesthetic products. The whole team works together to offer necklaces and bracelets to reach all of the expectations of our clientele.
We are convinced that in a world with several options for the relief and/or the cure, nature and the products near it are one of the best options which a lot of people turn to daily for their well- being.